A 50 Year Auto Repair Tradition in Grand Rapids

At Legacy Auto-Tech, our goal is to carry forward a 50 year auto repair tradition in Grand Rapids. Jack Kamp founded the business—then a full-service Marathon gas and service station—in 1964 when he was only 18 years old. (Many of you probably remember Jack’s Automobile Service on Kalamazoo Avenue.) For 42 years, Jack was the owner-operator, until he retired in March of 2007 and sold the shop to Andy Pollina and James Lorenz.

For seven years, Andy and James continued the business under the same name, maintaining the same level of service that Jack built his reputation on. In 2014, Andy became the soul owner, and after a year decided to rename the shop Legacy Auto-Tech. (Another auto repair facility on the west side of Grand Rapids had a similar name, which had caused some confusion for customers and suppliers over the years.) Andy chose the name Legacy to honor Jack Kamp, who passed away in September of 2015.

50 years in auto repair in grand rapids